Anil Shah (Astrologer) Atlanta-USA


                                             Name: Anil Shah



                                                   Phone: 404-751-6832


A well-known Astrologer with clients nationwide- Jyotish Gyata Shree Anil Shah (Vol.Retd. Senior Accounts officer / Office of the Accountant General ) is a 55 year old cool personality having more than 15 years experience in Astrological field and is the synthesis of modern education & Vedic Indian values. Fascinated with the mystery of Indian (Vedic) Astrology, Anil Shah took up premature retirement from the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Ahmedabad after 27 years of service to take up the quest to study Astrology. This quest became a passion and he decided to devote his life to help his fellow beings in making their lives happier and more meaningful. Since 1993 he opted Astrology as a career and started as a professional consultant. He is still doing lots of study, R&D in Astrology field. Today he is a columnist of various national and international magazines. Visit his website for more details.

He has post graduated in M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

“His journey began with the study of various facets of Astrology, like a degree of Jyotish Gyata from the renowned institution of India.”

The unique chemistry of   Astrology  with  Accounting  makes his analysis deep rooted, psychological and practical as he himself lives and experiences the questions which people ask him about their lives.


With a client satisfaction rate of more than 95%, his levels of accuracy regarding specific predictions has earned him great honor, but what matters most to him is the fact that he can help people. His clients became a part of his extended family. He believes in the holistic approach of Astrology, where it can become the tool for our soul cleansing and character growth in order to achieve our goals.

Please come forward and meet to connect with your future and know all about you. His valued astrological advice is available exclusively on to satisfy your curiosity. You can call, write or email him for consultancy and be prepared to be amazed.